About Our Beginning…

Business Web Design Studio began in 1993 as Paper Impressions, because at the time a paper impression was your customers first impression of your business, about that time along came the internet. In the beginning it was basically chat rooms where friends exchanged ideas. That is until Windows came out with its graphical user interface, suddenly larger markets opened up.

Many companies known in their local communities were caught by surprise, I remember Home Depot, for example, their humble beginnings on Memorial Drive near Atlanta in the old Treasure Island store didn’t expect anything to become of the internet. What they had thought were just kids playing games suddenly turned into a global market. Companies who had failed to secure their .com names hence had to pay big bucks if they wanted their own .com name. Today is much different, any company with any kind of credibility has a website.

Companies both large and small have realized the importance of having their own website. Back in the day the first purchase of a business was a business card, but today a website is the new business card. A website shows customers that your business is serious about what you do. Customers are far more confident about hiring you to take care of their needs.

Business Web Design Studio is here to help you with all of your website needs. If you need help with design, hosting, email or securing your web name let us know. The goal is to bring customers to you. We can help you achieve this goal with a business website, a beginning for your company. We also help to get your website found on Google with our SEO expertise.  Our team works hard to help you achieve your goals.

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