It’s Time For Reflections

First of all it’s a new year and a time for reflections of what’s working and what’s not. Did you make goals for 2016? If you are like me, some yes and some not so much. Reflections from this past year have only inspired me for 2017! I allowed myself to get pulled into other peoples drama and lose focus on my goals. I think we’re all tired of the drama, it pulls us away from our hopes and dreams. Refusing to get caught up in the drama doesn’t mean we don’t care about those who are struggling, but we must not allow their issues to drain us. Reflections of the past are a learning opportunity. We must stay focused on the future. We must stop doing the same things over and over and expect a different outcome?

2017 is the Year to be Bold

This is the year to step out of the box. This is the year to be different. We can all succeed if we focus on our target. We’ve seen enough greed and selfishness, For this reason we know it’s time to help each other and become selfless. Networking in our own communities will be key in 2017. We cannot continue to shop at the big box stores and then wonder why we can’t sell our products. We will reap what we sow.

I read an article a few years ago that really made me think about the future. Jack Ma said, “Please tell your children that the world is changing every day and no one is going to wait for you. When the lighter was invented, matches slowly disappeared. When the calculator was created, abacus was to fade away. Once the digital camera was designed, the market of negative film no longer existed. After direct market selling/internet-based selling arises, traditional marketing declines. When smartphone with 4G (wireless internet access) was introduced to the world, you no longer need to turn on your computer at home. When WeChat and WhatsApp (mobile text/voice/video messaging) are developed, traditional text messaging will no longer as popular as before. Let’s not look to blame “Who took over Whose business.” It’s only because people are more adjustable and adaptable to new ideas and changes in the world.

What is your secret for success?

Someone asked Jack Ma, “What is your secret for success?” He says, “Really simple…I am doing (action) while you’re only watching.”
The world is changing every day. You too must change, otherwise you’ll be left behind. You will reap what you sow with your time. If you are spending too much time drinking, you may become an alcoholic. When you spend time complaining, you may become a blamer. If you spend time to beautify yourself, you may become a pretty girl/handsome guy. When you spend time trying to stay healthy, you may enjoy a healthy good life. If you spend time being picky, you may become a ‘mean’ person. As you spend time learning, you gain wisdom. When you spend time with your family, you may foster a warm and loving relationship with your loved ones.

No doubt we must reflect and learn. It’s time to get back to the spirit that made this country great! Of course we can do this. We come from strong stock and our children are counting on us!