Social Media is the description for the current state of the internet. The smart phone is the primary device of everyone in our society.  50% of every minute spent on a smart phone is spent on Social Media.

That’s a powerful little marketing tool.

We are living at a time that is the greatest shift in communication since the printing press.

Car Dealership Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is crucial for car dealerships. Commitment and involvement are 2 keys to being successful in social media.

Social media marketing is a dealership’s competitive advantage. Yet, not many dealerships are creating great content on their social media pages. Therefore, as a result, there’s no engagement, leads, or sales coming from social media platforms. By using Business Web Design Studio for your social media marketing, we not only grab a customers attention, but we also play a major role in their buying decisions. How much is it costing your dealership not to have professionals manage your social media marketing? This is an opportunity for your dealership to dominate your local market.

Are you ready to take your dealership to the next level?

We offer up to 3 customized posts a day 5 days a week, community management, scheduling and advertising at the most competitive rates around. Finally, it must be said, if you don’t get in the game your competition will leave you behind. It’s time to level up.

*Price per platform