I’m going to try to explain website hosting in simple terms for beginners. Think of website hosting like apartment rental. A website host would be like a landlord of an apartment building with several apartments in different sizes available to rent. They may have efficiencies, studios, lofts and  penthouses to choose from.

Your first apartment was probably quite small, it may have been considered an efficiency in today’s terms. An efficiency is most like a hotel room, everything is in one room without a lot of excess space. It isn’t bad when we’re starting out because we don’t have a lot of stuff so we don’t need a lot of space. As we grow we tend to need more space so we upgrade to the next size up. Website hosting can accommodate your growth just like a landlord, but you don’t have to go through the trouble of moving.

A website host will lease space to you. A landlord doesn’t decorate your apartment for you nor does a website host design a website for you. Website hosting is fairly inexpensive, but there again you get what you pay for. Website hosting that is really cheap is really cheap in quality as well. Just like apartments can be rented at a cheaper rate website hosting can be as well.

However, if you want to lease a fully furnished apartment that has been tailored to your particular taste and needs you would expect for it to cost more. Just like one of lower quality would cost less. We all know quality costs more and we know why.

Hopefully this will help explain the function of website hosting and what a website designer does. They really are two different animals. So please don’t be upset when you only want website hosting and that’s what you get, decorating really isn’t their job.

Host & Design . . . It’s a beautiful thing

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